The great scholar, C.I. Scofield sets forth a most powerful, cogent, argument for the divine authorship of the Bible:

The Bible is at ONCE, SIXTY-SIX books, and yet truly, ONE BOOK.
From Genesis the Bible bears witness to one God.

Wherever He speaks or acts he is consistent with himself, and with the total revelation concerning Him.

The Bible forms one continuous story --the story of humanity in relation to God.

The Bible hazards the most unlikely predictions concerning the future, and, when the centuries have brought round the appointed time, records their fulfillment.

The Bible is a progressive unfolding of truth.

Nothing is told all at once, and once for all. The law is, “First the blade, then the ear, after that the full grain.”

Without the possibility of collusion, often with centuries between, one writer of Scripture takes up an earlier revelation, adds to it, lays down the pen, and in due time another man moved by the Holy Spirit, and another, and another, add new details till the whole is complete.

From beginning to end the Bible testifies to one redemption.
The Bible has one great theme--the Person and work of Christ.

Finally, these writers, some forty in number, writing through twenty centuries, have produced a perfect harmony of doctrine in progressive unfolding.

This is, to every candid mind, the unanswerable proof of the divine inspiration of the Bible.”

There are other great evidences for the authenticity of the Bible, but the ones cited above are truly outstanding. 

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