Jesus Christ - God's Savior

Realise that every cell, every tissue, every organ, etc., etc., etc., must be SPECIFIED by genes.  The LOW estimate for species on this planet is 10 million, the HIGH estimate is 100 million.  AND the genetic codes of EACH of these species is in the BILLIONS of letters, or base pairs.  We all live today in the information age, the computer age, the digital age.  If we are HONEST, 10 million - billion letter codes MEANS JUST ONE THING - THIS IS AN EXACTINGLY, WONDEROUSLY CREATED WORLD.   AND WE ARE OWNED, YES, OWNED BY OUR CREATOR.

God is absolutely perfect - only perfect people will be allowed into heaven.  The rest will go to hell.  But no one is perfect.  So, sins must be paid for.  A unique man named Jesus Christ was born about 2000 years ago in Israel.  He was able to live a perfect life, because he had NO human father, but WAS and IS, God's son, born of Mary, a very pure human woman.  He died a sacrifical death by crucifixion, and provided forgiveness of sins for all who embrace him by faith.   Read the New Testament book of John and sincerely embrace Jesus as YOUR Savior today and you will receive the gift of everlasting life.