PBS said: "Smallest birds on the planet but with powers and abilities far beyond other birds. Live only in the Americas, intriguing, enchanting, captivating. Everything about them is amazing, mysterious, the way they look, fly, survive. They can fly backward, upside down, turn on a dime, perfectly balanced in midair as if floating, rather than flying, wings unlike other birds. Flexible shoulders move in a figure 8 gaining lift from both sides of their wings. They live their lives in fast forward.

One hummingbird species named "Magnificent” are elite athletes of the animal world, incredible grace and precision like moves of a ballerina, a pirouette, a complex, intricate dance." Hummingbirds.net: “Hummingbirds flap their wings about 55 times a second, fly at about 25 miles per hour, live an average of four years, are cold hardy down into the teens, and with peak heart rate to 1260 beats a minute.

Breathtaking handiwork of the Creator God who owns us, will judge us, requiring our absolute perfection. Only Jesus Christ paid for all sins giving believers everlasting life. Read the New Testament book of John in the Bible.